Payment and Gift Options

You are encouraged to send gifts from my Wish Lists  in addition to the required tributes.

NOTE: I do not accept gifts as payment for sessions. I only consider bartering skills (e.g. furniture making or graphic design skills) as an alternative to tributes.



My Amazon Wish List





Amazon – For US & International use.  Amazon purchases from the Wish List are not to be used for tributes for service. You may send a Gift Card of $25 or more to


Google Wallet – Very safe.  Provides an instant transfer to my account.  Send to

*It’s important to not leave a note/message with Google Wallet. They’ve been known to delete accounts if they suspect adult-related activity.


GiftRocket immediately funds my bank account. Go to and click on “Send a GiftRocket”. At the bottom of the form it asks for the recipient’s email address and name.  Put and Mistress Claire.  Select the appropriate amount for either your deposit or for the tribute for your session and send it.