Financial Domination – Mild to Wild

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Findom isn’t about my need for money (or wanting your money).  It’s about YOUR need to submit and serve.

My style of financial domination is not that of a teenage girl or instadomme.  I do not demand your money.  I expect you to be fully aware of your commitments and do what you are told to do without reminders.

A man’s ego is directly connected to two things; his money and his cock. Control over both is my goal. Kings and Queens are given riches by their loyal followers. Sacrifices were given to the Gods.  I am your Mistress and deserve to be worshipped and adored!

Financial Domme Mistress Claire

My beauty has always worked to my advantage. Boys in school were always mysteriously “driven” to buy things for me… things for me.  When I was in college, older men wanted to buy more lavish things for me.  My Mom tried to explain that is was “wrong” for men to try and buy your affection.  However, you are not trying to obtain my affection… are feeding your uncontrollable craving to serve and submit.

I bring a level of maturity and education that allows me to practice my arts with ease. You will want to serve me and keep me happy, if you do not, you are not worthy of my time.

Levels are customized from mild to wild, so we will discuss what your cravings need in order to be satisfied.

I demand loyalty and utter obedience from you.  Know this before we begin. You will quickly come to the unmistakeable knowledge that your need to make me happy and provide money for my enjoyment is paramount to you.  Nothing will be more important.

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