Sissy/Femme Training

Click here for the Online Application.

Welcome to Mistress Claire’s Feminization Training.

From this point forward, you will forget all about your life as a boy, and start to embrace your life as a girl!

Should you be accepted into the program, you will learn the importance of being a good sissy for Mistress.  This will include things such as your dress, appearance, mannerisms, what’s expected of you in your daily life…..etc.

All students are expected to maintain a very high standard of work as they complete each lesson. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

You’ll receive regular tasks to complete on your own as well as one on one time with Mistress Claire online for more detailed training and verification sessions.

Think you’ve got what it takes?  Complete the enrollment questionnaire along with the task shown below in order to begin the process.

Welcome to your journey into Sissification!


Task:  Snap a photo (similar to the one shown) while holding a sign that states “MISTRESS CLAIRE’S SISSY”.  Surely you already have a pretty pair of panties! If not, go out and purchase a pair for this photo.  Consider it the first step of the journey to embracing your femininity!


Mistress Claire Femme training Sissy training
My recommendation for shoes sized for larger feet.